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Leave inferior coffee behind forever and start enjoying freshly brewed coffee from around the UK.



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We partner with roasters from around the UK to bring their finest offerings to more people.



“Great coffee should be available to everyone. No matter where in the world you are, somewhere out there is the bean for you - we want to make sure you find it. Consider this your wake-up call!”

The BeanMate Team
Frequently asked questions

QWho or what is a 'BeanMate'?

ABeanMate is a portal to discovering intriguing new coffees from roasters you won't find at the shop. We stock all types of coffee, for all walks of life, and it's freshly roasted to order. Get beaning on our listings page, grab somebody a gift voucher or find out more about us (warning: mostly drivel).

QHow have you worked out your pricing?

AOur prices are reflective of our support for expert local roasters across the country, who are out there smashing it daily to try & exceed both your expectations and their own. These guys are our lifeblood, so we don't want to squeeze them too hard. We guarantee you'll be getting what you pay for.

QWhen will my order arrive?

ABecause we work with a variety of roasters who each have their own packing methods and delivery logistics, not every order will look, feel or possibly even sound the same. We strive to have you brewing as quickly as possible in each case - just be aware that ordering from multiple roasters will result in multiple shipments. If you experience any concerning delays don't hesitate to contact us.

QIs coffee the answer?

ANope, coffee is the question. BEANMATE IS THE ANSWER.

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