We do stuff involving coffee.

We also like to play by our own rules, nobody else's. Not even our own.

With that in mind, here are our rules ('Beanifesto' if you will):

  • We won't hide any costs. If there's shipping involved, which, unless you live inside a coffee roasting machine, there probably will be, then we'll call that out, as opposed to hiding it in the product price.
  • We'll try, wherever possible, to limit our impact on the environment, which will include things like promoting roasters with green credentials, helping you limit your packaging footprint and looking for ways to reduce our own carbon footprint.
  • We won't try every single coffee. This may be hard to believe, but we don't have a small, very hyper man named Roberto who is employed solely to drink coffee all day, every day. We fired him for his near-constant toilet breaks. More to the point, though, we trust our roasters to produce the best - it is quite literally their day job. We also trust you guys, that's right YOU, to let us know if something isn't up to snuff!
  • We won't spout coffee-related wordage at you 24/7. Chances are you know more than we do anyway. Also there are blogs for this - we don't mind being the browser tab you can just close without having to somehow find time to read the damn thing. If you need a helping hand, however, that's different. And we do want you to get to know our roasters better!
  • We won't fake reviews. I mean, what is that even about. 'BeanMate saved me from certain death, how can I ever repay them.' Sounds legit, Billy S. from Torquay.
  • We'll strive to resolve complaints in the fairest way possible.

So, make up your own mind. If you want real coffee, we know where you can find it.

Let's get beaning.

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Break out that old cafetière.
Let's give it a new lease of life.

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