What do you look for when buying a coffee?

Coffee is loved around the world for its wonderful tastes and caffeine hits.

In this article we talk about the label. A coffee's label should tell you a lot about its contents.

In this article we will help answer some of the question and give you some tips to get started on your coffee journey.

You might think expensive beans are the answer, but its much more than that. Roasters roast, because they are specialists at it. It takes time and dedication to produce great coffee.

Coffee bean origin.

Look for a bean that tells you about its origin. This should give you some indication of the quality of the bean. Sometimes cheaper coffee wont provide specific information about where the coffee comes from.

The label should tell you where the beans are from, moreover the farm, region or country where the beans originated. This should give you an indication of the quality, the story. It may be a sign of a bean that has been carefully produced and just a mix of any beans from various regions.

  • Check the story.
  • Check the region.

Roasted on date.

Most quality coffee will have a roasted on date. This will ensure the freshness of the beans. Generally you should look at buying coffee that has been roasted in the past month.

In general, the more recent the roast date, the better. Coffee tends to peak in flavor about seven to 10 days after the roast date.

  • Check the roast date.

Watch out for mis-leading labelling.

These are some of our favourites.

  • 100% Coffee
  • 100% Abrabica
  • 100% Flavour
  • Robusto (which menas strong in Spanish)
  • Roasted in the heart of Columbia

Like before, check the origin. The heart of Columbia means nothing.

Check the caffeine.

Caffeine levels vary from coffee to coffee.

Check the label and see how many milligrams of caffeine it contains, then can you can choose a coffee with your preferred strength.

  • Coffee usually has anywhere between 65 to 100 milligrams of caffeine per cup.
  • Stronger coffee would be on the higher end of this.
  • Weaker the lower end.

You can also get decaf coffee, but do not want the caffeine content.