Well-thought-out answers to your burning questions about coffee, roasting, coffee roasters & roasting coffee

QWhat's this BeanMate thing you keep going on about?

ABeanMate is a portal to discovering intriguing new coffees from roasters you won't find at the shop. We stock all types of coffee, for all walks of life. Get beaning on our listings page, or find out more about us (warning: mostly drivel).

QEr, what are these prices about?? Haven't you heard of Aldi?

AWe have, yeah, that middle aisle is something else eh. Our prices are reflective of our support for expert local roasters across the country, who are out there smashing it daily to try & exceed both your expectations and their own. These guys are our lifeblood, and so we don't want to squeeze them too hard. We guarantee you'll be getting what you pay for.

QSo this stuff is fresh, yes?

ASo fresh, so clean. Whichever roaster you plump for, your choice will be 'roasted to order', ensuring ultimate freshness and minimal waste.

QBean me up! When do they get here?

ABecause we work with a variety of roasters who each have their own packing methods and delivery logistics, not every order will look, feel or possibly even sound the same. We strive to have you brewing as quickly as possible in each case - just be aware that ordering from multiple roasters will result in multiple shipments. If you experience any concerning delays don't hesitate to contact support@beanmate.coffee.

QHow do I pay? Is it secure?

AWe use a widely popular shopping cart system that is fully secure, there's no way we, or any other shifty characters, can see your payment information. Payment itself handled by PayPal, you know, the one made by that guy who sent a car into space.

QWill you tell me when my order is accepted?

AYes! We will send you automatic emails to confirm the order and update its status until it's been shipped. If the roaster doesn't accept the order within 24 hours we will contact you for a refund or a product from an alternative roaster.

QMe no likey this brew, what about returns?

AWe are a small company, so we are unable to offer returns unless there is a defect. If you wish to return items to us the box must be unopened and you will have to pay for delivery to us. If you would like to return an item, please contact support@beanmate.coffee and one of our friendly team will advise. Due to the nature of our product, all deliveries are non-refundable unless defective in which we will send a replacement or a refund.

QEarlier you used the phrase 'bean me up', without following it immediately with 'Scotty'. Will there be further egregious pop-culture fails?

AWe guarantee it, or our name isn't Jones Large-ass Truck Rental and Storage Facility.

QI can't select my favourite beans in the roast/grind type I need. Did you guys done a bad website?

ASome of our roasters play by different rules to others. We let the experts do what they do and the beans do the talking. An upshot of this, though, is that some roasters don't offer some of their products in a particular roast (like dark or light) or grind type (V60 or Espresso, for example).

QDo you do a coffee subscription? Like literally everybody else?

AWe're working out the details on this one. It'll get here in good time.

QI was sent the wrong beans?!! Come off it mate.

AOops! If you get in touch with support@beanmate.coffee, we'll help you out - and fast! We've been drinking coffee all day so we'll get to it.

QI'm not allowed my fix this week. Can I cancel my order?

AWe've got your back as much as we can, but once your order is placed you've put the ring on that finger. Basically, because of the fact we have special relationships with each of our hand-chosen roasters, we can't guarantee that a cancellation will get through to the right people in time, even though as we've mentioned before we are completely on top of things here. Under special circumstances we may have to cancel an order for you (like if the roaster isn't #beaning that week) and if so we'll let you know by phone or email and give you more options.

QIs coffee the answer?

ANope, coffee is the question. BEANMATE IS THE ANSWER.